About Us

Discover the non-obvious pockets and expand the universe of druggable targets

ENSEM integrates cutting edge technologies to detect and characterize rare conformational states in drug targets in motion. Such states underpin oncogenic, regulatory, and drug-resistance mechanisms, offering new opportunities for therapeutic intervention.

Dedicated to precision medicines

ENSEM platform will enable us to identify clear patterns and gain insights to modulate activities of disease-causing targets. We strive to deliver breakthrough precision therapies for genetically defined diseases, with Oncology as our initial focus.


Patient first

ENSEM maintains intense focus on doing great science for the benefit of patients.


ENSEM is committed to solving complex problems rapidly, with integrity and care.

Transparent and dynamic

At ENSEM, transparency forges alignment and accountability, empowers timely and data driven decision-making, and embraces change and flexibility.


ENSEM is audacious in scope and optimistic in spirit. ENSEM embraces challenges with tenacity and hope.