Expanding the Universe of Druggable Targets

ENSEM leverages its unique Kinetic Ensemble® platform to develop innovative small molecule precision medicines for oncology. ENSEM integrates computational and AI deep learning methodologies with advanced experimental techniques to identify cryptic binding pockets and accelerate structure-based drug design, with a focus on high-value and difficult-to-drug targets.

The Power of Cryptic Pockets

We discover cryptic pockets of traditionally undruggable targets with the goal of developing new opportunities for therapeutic intervention. Cryptic pockets offer unique and potentially superior opportunities to drug difficult-to-drug targets.


Proteins in Motion

Utilizing our Kinetic Ensemble® Platform, we are equipped with next-generation AI/ML tools to accelerate structural ensemble-based drug design. By targeting comprehensive kinetic states at ultra-high resolution, our platform captures motion in high definition.


Fueled by a World-Class Team

ENSEM has assembled an experienced leadership team with proven track records across the continuum of R&D disciplines.