TargetProgramIndicationPreclinicalINDPhase IGlobal Rights
CDK2 ETX-197/BG-68501 Oncology
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Mutant PI3Kα TBD Oncology
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Discovery Programs TBD Oncology
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PreclinicalINDPhase IGlobal Rights
CDK2 | ETX-197/BG-68501 | Oncology
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Mutant PI3Kα | TBD | Oncology
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Discovery Programs | TBD | Oncology
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ETX-197: A Potential Best-In-Class Oral CDK2 Inhibitor

  • Cyclin-dependent kinase 2 (CDK2) is critical to cell cycle regulation and is often hyper-activated in a variety of cancers. It is a critical component of the abnormal growth of cancer cells. While a preclinically validated oncology target, there is no CDK2-specific drug on the market.
  • We believe ETX-197 has the potential for treating patients with tumors that have cyclin E amplification and patients who have acquired resistance to standard of care due to dysregulation of CDK2 activity.

PI3Kα: A Differentiated Approach

  • Phosphoinositide 3-kinase alpha (PI3Kα) is one of the most frequently over-activated pathways in a variety of cancers and contributes to the metastasis of tumor cells.
  • While there is one approved PI3Kα drug, we believe our potent and selective molecule can target mutant PI3Kα without impacting glucose homeostasis.

Discovery Programs

We have a number of early-stage discovery programs at various stages of maturity launched with our Kinetic Ensemble® platform. With an initial focus on oncology, our team is looking at a variety of different exploratory and novel targets.