Ivet Bahar, Ph.D.

Dr. Ivet Bahar, Center Director and Louis & Beatrice Laufer Endowed Chair at Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative Biology, Stony Brook University, is known for her pioneering work on the development of elastic network models and multiscale computational methods for predicting the mechanisms of function of biomolecular system. Her research focuses on biomolecular systems dynamics; evolution of proteins’ sequence, structure, dynamics, and function; network models for protein-protein interactions; modeling supramolecular machinery and allostery; and computer-aided drug discovery. Her models and methods proved useful in many applications, from drug discovery to predicting the effects of mutations, and in bridging molecular events and cellular responses.

Dr. Bahar has received numerous prestigious awards world-wide, is a member of the USA National Academy of Sciences, and the European Molecular Biology Organization. She is also a scientific reviewer/advisor, executive board members or elected council members in national and international scientific organizations including NIH review panels, the European Research Council (ERC) Scientific Advisory Board, and the Human Frontiers in Science (HFSP) Scientific Review Committee.

Dr. Bahar is an author of more than 300 scientific publications. She earned her Ph.D. in Chemistry, Istanbul Technical Institute, and B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Bogazici University.